Stay Golden!



Get it while you’re young, baby! Who doesn’t love those loveable old gals from Miami? Embrace your inner Sophia, and soon you’ll be saying, “Picture it, Sicily, 1922!” Stay Golden!

Amity Island – Aquatic Adventure



There’s no place quite like Amity Island!

Where you can have fun on the sandy beach, wind surf with some dolphins, have your arm gnawed off by a blood thirsty shark, and other exciting things.

Encounter one of nature’s most dangerous animals and enjoy an adrenaline-filled day of pants-crapping terror together with the ones you love.

When you think about it, there is no place like Amity Island. So come to Amity Island and get too close for comfort!


Cheers for Beers!


Wouldn’t you like to get away? Beers! Beers can get you there. Whether your name is Norm, Cliff or Carla, it doesn’t matter. You’re all welcome. Where everybody knows your name? So, saddle up to the bar. Pour a glass of your favorite brew, and let’s get this party started!



The Emporium



We’re on a roll with this movie! Favorite Dazed and Confused hangout of Benny, Melvin, Pink, and Wooderson. Whether you like pool or foosball, or if you just want to hang outside and opine about this year’s freshman class of girls…lol. The Emporium is the place to be!